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Competition Winners 2016 - 2017 season
L - R: Mark Brookman, Bill Brooks, Geoff Coleman. Johnathan Barham, Joan Barham, Celai Henderson, Tony Lord, Richard Cobden, Mick Long, Andrew Worsfold, Kutb Udin

N.B. From September 2017 Competition structure and entries are quite different from previous years.

See the competition entries page for details of when your work needs to be submitted for the various competitions (this information also appears in the full programme listing online and also in the printed version of the programme).

Please see the 2017/18 Competition Rules document on the Downloads page and please also read the Digi Files document for information on how to prepare your digital files for projection. In summary, the images need to be in JPG format, 1400 pixels maximum width x 1050 pixels maximum height, saved at maximum quality.

Competition Results for 2016-2017 season:

Where there are more than 2 entries in a competition, the total consists of the highest two scores.

Certificates of merit were awarded for all scores of 3 or 4

Print Competition - Division I
Print Competition - Division II
PDI Competition - Division I
PDI Competition - Division II

Print Competition - Advanced Division I
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Comp 4 Total
Bill Brooks31-43-42-13-21
Jonathan Barham24-22-11-14-17
Roger Crocombe21-22-32-13-16
Jan Derrett21-23-22-31-16
Celia Henderson13-22-22-13-16
Mark Brookman11-33-31-21-15
Paul Crombie22-23-22-11-15
Colin Hawkins21-23-22-21-15
Yvonne Green11-22-22-13-14
Chris Walker21-23-22-11-14
Madeleine Brookman11-23-12-12-13
Janet Brown11-23-11-31-13
Max Burns31-12-21-21-13
Paul Tucker11-21-13-13-13
Edwin Jones11-22-22-11-12
Gina Corrigan11-22-21-11-11
Jane Weston11-22-21-11-11
Andrew Worsfold11-12-12-11-10
Liz Barber11-11-11-21-9
Allan Brown---21-21-11-8
Tony Hughes31-21-------7
Cathy Hughes11-22-------6
Kutub Uddin------3--21-6
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Print Competition - Development Division II
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Comp 4 Total
Joan Barham33-31-22-42-20
Richard Cobden12-21-32-22-15
Mick Long12-21-23-13-15
Mike Lane31-11-22-31-14
Tony Lord12-12-21-31-13
Nick Mosley12-12-11-22-12
Anita Richards1--23-22----10
Carolyn Robinson42-22-------10
Dianne Green-Silk11-11-11-11-8
Jo Best11-2--1-----5
George Franklin11----11----4
Joyce Pritchard---11-11----4
Trevor Golden11----------2
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PDI Competition - Advanced Division I
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Comp 4 Total
Chris Walker23-21-33-32-19
Yvonne Green33-32-12-22-18
Jonathan Barham22-23-12-32-17
Janet Brown32-22-22-31-17
Colin Hawkins31-22-23-22-17
Jeff Coleman32-12-32-12-16
Jan Derrett32-22-22-21-16
Edwin Jones13-13-22-22-16
Pam Breen11-23-23-12-15
Madeleine Brookman31-12-23-12-15
Mark Brookman22-12-13-22-15
Bill Brooks21-14-11-32-15
Celia Henderson14-11-21-23-15
Paul Tucker12-22-22-22-15
Paul Crombie32-11-41-11-14
Peter Zacal22-22-11-22-14
Richard Cobden32-2--11-31-13
Martin Emmett21-22-21-21-13
Simon Smith22-11-22-21-13
Gina Corrigan11-22-21-21-12
Allan Brown11-21-21-21-11
Kutub Uddin------32-42-11
Liz Barber23----21----8
Tony Hughes21-21-------6
Stephen Ormrod23----------5
Cathy Hughes---11-------2
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PDI Competition - Development Division II
Name Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Comp 4 Total
Carole Baker22-13-33-23-19
Tony Lord43-22-31-22-19
Joan Barham23-21-33-31-18
Bernie Evans33-12-21-24-18
Graham Balkwill22-22-22-21-15
Mick Long23-22-12-12-15
Graham Sharples11-34-21-12-15
Nick Mosley32-22-21-11-14
Susan Osborne12----24-23-14
Jacqui Dracup13-23-11-11-13
Peter Corrigan11-21-31-21-12
Dianne Green-Silk12-12-12-12-12
Joyce Pritchard21-11-22-12-12
Andrew Worsfold22-12-12-2--12
Ursula Knapp22-11-21-2--11
Mike Lane12-12-21-11-11
Carolyn Robinson12-12-12----9
Brian Bull---11-21-12-8
Ray Holden2--11-11-11-8
Jo Best21----------3
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Set Subject Competition 2017 - "Happiness"

PDI - Harold Skinner Cup
1st: Mark Brookman

Prints - The Parfrement Cup
1st place: Mark Brookman

Trophy Awards for the 2016-2017 season:


Print League - Advanced
1st Place: - The Phil Preston Cup - Bill Brooks
2nd Place: - The Phil Jenkins Cup - Johnathan Barham

Print League - Development
1st Place: - Joan Barham
2nd Place: - Mick Long & Richard Cobden

Print Of The Year 2017:

- The John Elliot Cup

1st: Kutub Udin

- The Bognor Regis Cup

2nd: Yvonne Green

Print Panels Competition 2016 : - The Whitaker Cup

1st: Bill Brooks


PDI League - Advanced
1st Place: - Mrs Roland Rank Cup - Chris Walker
2nd Place: - Ben Reeve Trophy - Yvonne Green

PDI League - Development
1st Place: - Jack Croston Cup - Carole Baker & Tony Lord
2nd Place: - Trevor Chase Trophy - Joan Barham & Bernie Evans

PDI Image Of The Year
1st Place: The Stevens Cup - Andrew Worsfold
2nd Place: The Yapton Cup - Celia Henderson

Photobooks competition: - The Liz Tribe Trophy

1st Place: Tony Lord

Tony Barnes Award: - The Tony Barnes 2003 (Globe)

1st Place: John Scott

Smartphone Image of the Year: - Certificate

1st Place: Caroline Oades


Flickr Competitions

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